Broken Glass Restoration (the Middle East)

The situation between Israel and the Palestinians is complex and has been marked by decades of conflict, disputes, and human rights concerns. Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank often argue that Israel has been an oppressor due to various factors such as military occupation, settlement expansion, restrictions on movement, economic disparities, and human rights abuses. Conversely, Israel asserts that its actions are necessary for security reasons and as responses to Palestinian violence and terrorism.

The resurgence of the Middle East conflict, with the Hamas terrorist attack on Israel on October 7th, 2023, perpetuates a cycle of violence that hinders the prospects of achieving lasting peace.

While Israel is undeniably responsible for the catastrophic destruction and horror inflicted upon Gaza, sympathizing with Hamas overlooks their deliberate tactic of hiding among civilians, exploiting them as shields while pursuing their violent agenda.

Hamas's agenda, first outlined in its 1988 Covenant, includes the rejection of Israel's right to exist and their elimination by any means.

The restoration process in the Middle East, like broken glass, will be complex, requiring both willingness and commitment to rebuild. Though, the region may never be whole again.



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